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Our history

On April 16, 2008, the Foundation named after Professor Kazimierz Bartel was established in the Notary’s Office of Andrzej Ciba in Krakow. It was created on the initiative of the Professor’s daughter – Mrs. Cecylia Bartel.
The Foundation’s goal is to comprehensively support the development of education in the Republic of Poland

Why do we help?

“We can’t help anyone, but anyone can help someone”.

By helping the Bartel Foundation, you contribute to the development of your child. You support education in the spirit of noble values ​​(based on the ethos of the interwar period) and invest in its future. We help mathematical talents, often from neglected families, we also encourage youths for sport and artistic development.
Above all, however, we want scientists to be educated in Poland of such a rank and greatness as Professor Bartel. Our patron was noted in our history as an outstandingly righteous politician and a man of great honour on whom one could always relied. Those who had the opportunity to meet him in person emphasize his kindness towards people and “his crystal clear nature”.

We want to cultivate all this through our Foundation while giving young people a chance to develop their passions.
That is why we present to young people the great historic figures and scientific heritage of the Polish Eastern Borderlands and at the same time we patronize computer labs. We want the youths to be educated as versatile people. Professor Kazimierz Bartel was just such a man: an engineer and an art lover at the same time.

We support a variety of interests, from sciences to fine arts, because we believe that every well managed talent works for the good of our country.
We want young people to see for themselves that history can be learned in contact with its witnesses. We are lucky to have the opportunity to get the knowledge from Mrs. Cecylia Bartel, Professor Bartel’s daughter.

Aspirations are conveyed during the written work, sports, and dance competitions. Our goal is: thought in motion.

Sometimes it does not take much to motivate someone. It is enough to show that we believe in them.

The Bartel Foundation awards “talented young people” in a variety of ways, ranging from material awards in various competitions to financial assistance for the most talented. We get great satisfaction from this help because we can observe how much this is translated into specific effects.

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